Free Bets and Deposit Bonuses

The Nigerian online betting market is filled with serious brand names and in general the industry rates among the top in Africa.

The competition between the sites is strong, and as such there are plenty of promotional giveaways, as top service providers compete for top spot.

The various promotions such as a welcome bonus and free bets play a large role in creating new business as well as look after subscribed members.

The following is a brief summary of some of the leading sports bet operators in Nigeria – breaking down their welcome bonus and free bets.

Bet9ja offers a variety of bet-options and promotions. The highly-rated site gives newcomers a 100% welcome bonus. They also offer free bets for their jackpot, (with) the top 20 players each week in with a chance at a large win. This SUPER9JA feature is proving popular to many punters.
One of the market-leading online bet sites in Nigeria is nairabet and they offer a 100% welcome bonus. In a crowded market also offers an outstanding free bet feature, with punters in with a chance to win 20 million Naira

This leading site offers a 100% welcome bonus, with a minimum deposit of 2000 naira. The maximum deposit to qualify for this bonus is 30 000 naira.

The brand is one of the most popular in Nigeria and with good reason. In keeping with a premier brand they offer a regular free bet for the weekly jackpot.

The betway Nigeria site is fast becoming a punter’s favourite in Nigeria and with a 100% welcome bonus it bodes well for attracting new clients.

The minimum bet to qualify for welcome bonus is not mentioned on their site but the max deposit to qualify is 20 000 naira.

Betway is a huge continental brand and they are making strides in the West African country with great promotional giveaways.

The betway service providers use their welcome bonus as a free bet promotion with the welcome bonus advertised as a ‘free bet’. has various terms and conditions to be met to access winnings with the free bet – and the feature is separate from the bet-slip. The punter can find their free bet balance in a separate link to the bonus and bet slips.

The team offer both a welcome bonus and a free bet when a new player signs up.

They offer a 100% welcome bonus and a further free bets feature. The free bet is triggered for new clients with 20% of the initial deposit (minimum of 1000 Naira) for new players. The welcome bonus can only be used once and is not transferable to other accounts or players.

The maximum amount to claim the bonus is 25 000 naira.

The site is proving an astute bet for many punters with the operators offering a 100% welcome bonus. The also provide a free bet feature. This is a daily free bet to subscribers. is one of the newer kids on the block in the Nigerian online sports betting scene and they have work to do if they want to compete with the established brands.

At present they do not offer a welcome bonus or free bets features. They will do well to follow the lead of the industry leaders in this regard. There is no mention of a free bet or welcome bonus on their site, not on any search engine and this is disappointing. is a relatively newcomer to the Nigerian sports betting market and will need some work to catch up to the leading industry players in the market.

They are moving in the right direction with a 100% welcome bonus up to 100 000 naira (one of the largest max bonuses in the country).

The minimum deposit to qualify for the welcome bonus is 1000 naira.

To turn the bonus into real money a player will need to place a stake four times the original deposit.

The site does not appear to offer a free bet feature as yet, but the developers will be looking into that aspect if they want to compete on an even keel with the larger brand names.

As is the industry norm in Nigerian sports betting sites, this provider offers a 100% welcome bonus. This is par for the course in Nigeria and the site has done well to come up with current market trends.

The site does not have a dedicated promotion link on their landing page and this should be included to keep pace with the competition. There also does not seem to be a free bet in place as yet.

The marketing team at 9japredict are only offering a 20% welcome bonus and this is sub-par in the Nigerian online sports betting market. They do however offer a 100% bet refund dependant on terms and conditions as explained on their site. They also offer a free bet on the weekly jackpot with punters in line to win 10 million naira on this feature.

They also offer a free bet option on their Facebook forum with punters in line to win 250 000 naira. have a smart marketing strategy with regard to free bets and if they can increase their welcome bonus to the industry norm of 100% they will be well on their way to success.