Minimum and maximum withdrawal

The Nigerian online sports betting industry is jam-packed with quality brand names and a punter is left with a wide choice for a world-class service provider.

Africa’s most populous country is home to one of the biggest sports betting markets on the continent and a comprehensive look at the finer details of each competing industry-leader can help a punter pick a site that works best for them.

Here is the following minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals for some of the more well-known sites:

Nairabet is one of the most well-established online sports betting sites in Nigeria and punters should be aware of the minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals.

The minimum deposit is 50 naira, while the maximum withdrawal is 500 000 naira at a time. The maximum winnings on the site is 20 million naira. The site does not make it clear whether a punter can withdraw that whole amount at one time, or in tranches of 500 000. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn by a punter is 1000 naira. is one of the country’s leading online sports betting sites and as thus offers a wide range of games, bet-markets and win opportunities.

Vital information for punters with regard to minimum and maximum pay-outs are as follows:

The minimum stake amount is 100 for sports and 50 for horse-racing and the maximum deposit is 10 000 naira. The minimum deposit amount is 100 naira.

According to the site the maximum winnings is set at 50 million naira.

The minimum withdrawals, transfers and deposits are as followings (taken from the site’s terms and conditions).



Single Transfer in:                         NGN 100
Single Transfer out:                      NGN 100


Single Transfer in:                          NGN 5000
Daily Transfer in:                            NGN 5000
Weekly Transfer in:                       NGN 35,000
Monthly Transfer in:                     NGN 155,000

Single Transfer out:                        NGN 5000
Daily Transfer out:                          NGN 5000
Weekly Transfer out:                     NGN 35,000
Monthly Transfer out:                   NGN 155,000 is another of the industry leaders and punters must take heed of their maximum and minimum withdrawal information. The most accurate means of learning this information can be taken from their site under terms and conditions, but for ease of use, here is the vital details.

Limitation on Withdrawals

Customers who withdraw a sum of money that is 5 times or more than their lifetime deposits though the Service will only be able to withdraw their winnings at a sum deemed appropriate by Betway The remaining amount will be placed back in the customer’s account until such time that they are eligible for a further withdrawal. This clause will only be applied at the discretion of management.

The maximum pay-out limit per customer for each sport will be set by the Company, in our sole discretion. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are aware of each limit before the bet placement. In the event of an accumulator or multiple leg bet, the maximum pay-out will be applied according to the lowest limit.

Minimum and Maximum Limits:

Minimum deposit amount: NGN 100

Minimum stake online bets: NGN100

Maximum winnings limit (per betslip):

Single Bet: NGN2,000,000

Multi Bet: NGN4,000,000

Accessbet is fast gaining traction in a competitive online sports betting market-place in Nigeria and it is crucial for punters to understand the terms and conditions when it comes to maximum and minimum pay-outs, withdrawals and deposits.

The information can be found on their landing page, under terms and conditions. It is quite a mission to find the right details as the site is not that user-friendly to get this sort of details.

After some searching, this is taken straight from the site:

The winning limit for coupons / coupon is 20,000,000 Naira for any amount placed and for any type of bet, whether it be a single bet, a multiple bet or a multiple line system. If you find that a user has opened several accounts and has placed the same bet on them contrary to the Terms and Conditions, the winning limit applies to the total of the winnings gained from these bets. The playable minimum amount is 100 Naira per bet, while the maximum stake is 100,000 NAIRA. The minimum stake per Combined is 100 Naira. The maximum bonus is 2,000,000 Naira. is a relatively middle of the range online sports betting site in Nigeria.

Punters will have to carefully follow all the terms and conditions on the site but here is some vital maximum and minimum withdrawal details:

According to their site, Betking Nigeria is a new betting platform with a minimum deposit is ₦100 and the maximum bonus of ₦100,000. According to the site the maximum withdrawal limit for a day is 10 million naira. is based on the world-famous bet365 model, and offers a too-notch sports betting site.

However there is far too little information regarding minimum and maximum deposits, withdrawals and pay-outs.

The site does not cover this under any of their many terms and conditions, while the FAQ link is devoid of any information. An exhaustive search engine research reveals no minimum, maximum withdrawal or deposit details.

This is extremely disappointing for such a large brand.

Most of the leading online bet sites offer this information easily enough.

The online sports betting site is growing in popularity in Nigeria and is among the market-leaders.

Information on maximum and minimum pay-outs for this site are as follows:

For bank transfers the minimum amount to be withdrawn is 5000 naira while the maximum daily limit is 500 000 naira.

At the 1960bet shops the minimum withdrawal is 1000 naira and the maximum is 25 000. is an online sports betting site operating in Nigeria.

The platform is a popular and well-known brand in the country and many punters will need to take heed of the following vital information.

The maximum and minimum deposits in Nigeria fluctuate and each punter must take the time to learn about the variety of platforms and the amounts of earnings permissible.

According to its website, the minimum deposit to open an account is 1000 naira while the min bet on a stake is 50 naira.

The maximum profit is 1000 times the stake. For example if a punter places a wager for 50 naira, the maximum win for this stake is 50 000 naira. The total max profit pay-out is 3 million naira for a sports bet. is arguably one of the biggest and most popular online sports betting sites in Nigeria, with large pay-outs, dazzling bet-market and many win-opportunities.

Punters will need to know some key details regarding minimum and maximum deposits and pay-outs.

Minimum and Maximum Stakes and Winnings Minimum stake amount is N50 Naira and Maximum winnings shall be N500,000 per individual per day.

The online sports betting platform is one of the most well-known in the country and offers a range of games, markets and winning opportunities.

Punters must be aware of vital information like maximum and minimum pay-outs.

Here follows a summary of this detail as taken from betpawa Nigeria site.

The minimum stake (bet amount) is NGN1 (one Naira)
The minimum withdrawal request is NGN1,000 (One thousand Naira)
The minimum deposit amount is NGN50 (fifty Naira)
The maximum pay-out on any single match ticket is NGN 1,000,000 (one million Naira)
The maximum pay-out on any multi match ticket is NGN 5,000,000 (five million Naira)
The maximum win amount (sum of pay-outs minus stakes) per Client in any 24-hour period is capped at NGN10,000,000 (ten million Naira).

The online sports betting site offers a host of win chances for the novice and discerning punter alike.

The site is gaining traction in a crowded market.

The maximum and minimum pay-outs and all the terms and conditions attached are vital details any punter has to know, in order to enjoy a fulfilling experience with the service provider. insists ion the following:

The maximum daily pay-out on any bet is ₦1,000.000.00 and ₦350,000.00 per Bet slip. This amount excludes the original stake. The pay-out limit applies to any one customer, or group of customers acting together who have backed the same combination of selections. This also applies if the bets have been struck in a series of bets, at a range of prices over a number of days using different betting accounts, or different betting channels. If Naijapredict believes a number of bets have been placed this way, the total payment of the bets combined will be limited to one single maximum pay-out.

In the event of a member winning in excess of N500,000 on a MULTI-BET in any of the listed games where it is offered, the member agrees to be photographed while receiving a check from one of our representatives and gives the exclusive right to use the photographic material at its own discretion. The daily limit on winnings of N1,000,000.00 does not apply to Tournament winnings.

If u play a single Game of N50,000 to 500000 and EXCEEDs N700,000 your winning will be round up to N600,000 including your stake.

If you play accumulation of N50,000 to N100,000 and your Winning exceeds N1000,000 your winning will be round up to N1000,000 including your stake.