Nairabet Old Mobile is one of the most established an renowned of all the online sports betting operators in Nigeria and are constantly striving for innovative means to make the punting experience worthwhile and enjoyable.

The latest in a string of new ideas is the book-a-bet feature, which appears on the following link:

The premise is to make the betting experience more convenient and to increase chances of winning.

The book-a-bet link provides punters with an easy-to-use code, instead of long list of games, and when going to the bet-shop or online, a code is all that is necessary to place the bet.

A punter can go on the link, place bets at will, and then a code is generated; this unique code takes in all the multi or accumulated bets.

Nairabet is one of the foremost leaders in providing new platforms for punters and this feature proves their intent.

The advantages of the book-a-bet feature include increasing win chances by eliminating human error when writing down bet predictions. The punters gets to avoid unnecessary errors which can happen if you have to write out a long selection of games all by yourself. Less error means a reduced margin of losing your bets.

The second and perhaps most compelling advantage is the time-saving a punter enjoys: This is due to a code punched into the system, instead of a long list of games, meaning users who have “booked their bet” are usually attended to fast.

The book-a-bet link page is professional and covers all the required sporting matches available, as well as provide all necessary detail, like banking information and support numbers.GT Bank, Interswitch, Verve, MasterCard and Visa.

The site offers all sports but focusses on football primarily and the bet-markets are vast. On the top left of the landing page, a punter will see a button that says, type. This will take the bettor to the entire bet-market list for each match.

This platform is purely for book-a-bet purposes.

This initiative is another example of the marketability a brand of the ilk of nairabet brings to the party.

The landing page also has a banner/link “Are you new to sports betting … click here to learn more” and this is another step in the right direction as newcomers to the pastime are joining in leaps and bounds.

The site has its own social media with Facebook and Twitter featured.

When clicking on any sport a pop-up bar will come up with all the events available. For example clicking on Tennis will show the WTA, Challenge and ATP.