Football Predictions for Netherland EreDivisie

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The Dutch Eredivisie is one of the most well-known in the world, especially with the likes of Ajax Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven in the mix, and the matches are often part of many soccer jackpots around the world.

The league may only be ranked the 13th biggest in Europe in terms of revenue and quality of teams but due to the successes of Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV in many UEFA completions over the years, football supporters from across the globe pay special attention to the results coming out of Holland every week.

The league is often a three-horse race with any of the Big Three capable of a decent tilt at the league title, while the likes of AZ Alkmaar, FC Twente and NAC Breda are also highly-ranked clubs. The biggest surprise of last season was the relegation of FC Twente to the Eerste Divisie after a horrid campaign.

But a punter cannot get away from the fact that between Ajax, PSV and Feyernoord they have lifted the title 72 times. The trio jostle for position in any serious sports bookmaker and soccer prediction sites as the season favourites. They are realistically the only title contenders each and every season, with odds changing according to recent form, historical record and new signings.

Almost all prediction sites look at two key indicators when deciding on forecasting league titles and individual results and that is ranking and rating.

The ranking is essentially the historical data based over many years – with each team ranked according to a points system.

Ajax Amsterdam have 33 league titles and were runners-up on a further 23 occasions. This would give them the highest ranking points in the Eredivisie.

PSV will be next on the rankings list, amassing 24 league triumphs and have finished second on the log on 14 prior attempts.

Feyernoord are ranked third in this category with 15 league titles and have been runners-up 21 times in their history.

The rest of the sides pale in comparison with many boasting a solitary league title over many, many seasons.

The sites that offer prediction services based on mathematical algorithms will take this historical form into high regard when deciding on picks – either for the season or individual match-ups.

The top-tier division is made up of 18 teams with the side finishing last automatically being relegated for the forthcoming season. The Dutch FA has an intricate promotion/relegation play-off system with the sides finishing second and third last contesting against the teams finishing second to eighth in the Eerste Divise.

The second factor soccer prediction sites take into account is the ratings system, with a series of variables taken into consideration. The factors taken into account for this prediction analysis consists of past season results, strength and depth of squad, managerial changes, transfer policy or even boardroom strife. These and a host of other variables are added into a complex equation to produce the sides with the highest rating points.

The prediction platforms then use some more math to combine the rankings and the ratings to provide the punter with an accurate forecast of the new season/match-ups.

The 2017/18 season was won by PSV, with Ajax finishing second by five points. The real surprise was in the tussle for third place, with AZ Alkmaar bucking the odds and finishing above Feyernoord.

The Feyernoord team did finish fourth, and many football prediction sites may have got this wrong in their pre-season analysis, but as the last campaign p[progressed they would have picked up the resurgence of Alkmaar and tinkered with the odds ahead of each fixture.

The Dutch National Champions, PSV, only lost three games all season (34 games) and week-in would have been the overwhelming favourites to come out tops, except in contests involving fierce foes Ajax and Feyernoord, when the odds are generally evenly spread dependant on home and away.

The top football prediction sites will have already come up with tangible signs of impending results for the new season, with only new signings, injuries and departures being likely game-changers.