Correct score predictions

Many of the world’s leading sports betting bookmakers offer odds on punters predicting the correct score in a fixture and this prescience often leads to substantial wins.

Football is one of the most active bet-sports in the world and is a perfect example to illustrate the correct score bet-market.

Given the fluid nature of any sporting contest, predicting the correct final score is at worst hazardous at best hugely rewarding and with online sports sites offering significantly large odds on this bet-form, it has become extremely popular with punters.

Unlike normal straight bets – like Home win, Draw, or Away win – correct score requires half-dose knowledge, half-dose luck. Well, score predictors may argue that they can increase the odds on predicting a correct score.

An example of a match in the English Premiership that we can use to explain this market – Manchester United plays against Liverpool at home.

The punter must take many factors into consideration when predicting the correct score, and of late Liverpool are providing many bettors with opportunities to win large amounts. The Liverpool side are one of the most free-flowing in the EPL and tend to score almost every game, while their defence as often been at risk due to the high-pressing nature of their play.

Manchester United of late have a strong defensive record, especially at Old Trafford and may frustrate Liverpool. United also play well on the counter, so if Liverpool press, United counter-punch. The punter must look at these and more factors when making a correct score prediction.

Many of the top bet-sites and prediction platforms offer the odds for correct score and the more goals that are buried, the higher the odds. If Liverpool defeat Manchester United 5-4 then the pay-out will be markedly high and will yield large earnings for the punter.

Many bettors have a tendency to over-bet on a long-shot and under-bet on a short odd, and correct score markets tap into that mind set. The margin made by bookmakers on correct score is higher than with a traditional home win, draw, away win formula yet the attractiveness lies in the significantly higher odds.

Many betting sites are now offering double game correct score bets, with the punter having to predict the exact score in two successive matches in the bet-slip. The odds will exponentially increase, as the punter’s chance to win goes down.

The beauty in correct score betting is the huge wins for small stakes.

There are a multitude of bet sites that offer this option and just as many prediction and tipster services that try beat the system.

The math behind accurately predicting a correct score is based on algorithms as formulated on principles of probabilities and predictions sites use similar technology as the bookmakers. For example if the punter manages to predict that half-a-dozen goals will be scored in total between both teams there are 49 different variations of score-lines. Imagine a double correct score, or an accumulator of five games CS, and the math becomes mindboggling.

There are so many variables like a player being sent off early, or injuries, or conceding an early goal and tightening up defence and many more factors that must come into play and this is why ‘correct score’ is arguably considered more of a punt than a calculated stake.