Over under goals predictions

The markets across leading online sports bookmakers continues to expand and grow and while the over/under method of wagering has been a mainstay in the bet-stable, it is now gaining momentum in the world of football.

The basic tenet of over or under betting is to try predict the total goals scored in a game and bet over or under the mark set by the bookmaker. The bet is not on who will win the game, or even the correct score, but rather total amount of goals scored in match.

For example in football the over/under is set at 2.5 goals. If a punter bets under 2.5 and the match finishes 1-1 then the bettor wins. If the match finished 2-1 (regardless of winning team) the punter would have lost.

The reason why the mark is set at 2.5 is because there is no push – meaning no score will result in a refund.

An example of an over/under bet featuring two English Premiership teams will look like this: Manchester United vs Arsenal – Over 2.5 at odds of 1.95, under 2.5 at odds of 1.90.

The over/under predictions can be garnered from a host of variables including team selection, form, log position and many more factors. The odds generators, both for the bookmaker and by the prediction service will analyse all the data and offer the best odds, and hottest tips.

Furthering the example; after research or studying prediction analysis, the punter feels like the Manchester United versus Arsenal match will be a low-scoring affair due to the injuries of key strikers on either side, then they will go with an under 2.5 bet

Over/under is an extremely popular means of betting across all sports and is especially so in American-based codes like basketball or American Football.

This is an easier bet to win than correct score for example as the punter can glean the relevant detail clearly and then make a more general prediction, and this is reflected in the lower odds. Most football matches in the EPL are high scoring affairs of late while most games in the South African premier Soccer League are low-scoring affairs. Studying the statistics of different leagues is important, and the prediction services will reflect this in their tips.