Top 20 Free Football prediction sites

The phenomenal growth of online sports betting has led to a proliferation of sports prediction sites as punters look to make use of every technological tool to predict the right winners and earn substantial winnings.

The most accurate football prediction sites garner their information from high-end mathematical, statistical-focused algorithms and this may be confusing to college graduates, the average punter does not need to know the science behind the art.

This is a basic crash course on how these sites deliver cutting edge technology to produce a high percentage of winning predictions.

The basic goal of these football prediction calculations is to beat the systems that the bookmakers use – and since these bookies are multi-million dollar enterprises that make use of similar technology, this is no mean feat.

The punter must always remember that sport is essentially a game of calculated chances and no system is fool proof, however by combining a host of variables, football prediction sites can prove a handy guide to bettors the world over.

The data needed to create ranking systems – a technique used by major prediction sites – is significant and many models do not take factors like form, attacking strength and defensive capability; but rather to base their findings on historical statistical input. The ranking system used by many of these sites rank teams according to an average over a certain time period and then rank them accordingly. To put this into a plain example, look at the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich to name a few and go back over the years and scan their results.

Chances are high they have been historical achievers for decades, building up a legacy, funds, brand name, sponsorship and ipso facto the strongest playing squads. The logic behind the math is that the teams who have been the most consistent over decades have established strong financial ties.

The other factor that football prediction sites use to analyse accurate data is to create a rating system, which is a continuously scaled strength indicator. This accounts for teams like Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG, who have had mass resources thrown at them, and hence have started to dominate opposition.

Rating takes in all factors such as home form, pitch variables, weather conditions, skill, form, fitness and many more.

Combine rankings, with ratings and prediction platforms can build a decent picture of how the weekend’s results will pan out. Again, the art is beating the odds-generators of the world’s leading bet-sites, and given they all use similar systems this is indeed a refined art. The prediction sites normally charge a subscriber fee or a commission structure on winning bets only and as many online bet-sites are opening, just as many prediction operators are flourishing.


Most bookmakers and predictors make use of the Recursive Bayesian Estimation, which is essentially a theory designed to estimate unknown probabilities recursively over a period of time.

The math behind these systems are way beyond the comprehension of almost the entire population, and punters, like people, do not need to know the gaseous dissertations of oxygen to know they have to breathe it to survive.

Needless to say, most of the leading football prediction sites make use of the most high-tech algorithms to provide the most accurate estimated results.

Another mathematical theory that’s used particularly in soccer prediction algorithms is the Poisson distribution theory – centring on probability statistics. This theory also takes into account the scientific law of rare events, such as predicting the lottery perhaps.

Be careful to choose a prediction service that is professionalism, with a good track record – based on some google research.

There are many such sites across Africa, Asia and all the seven continents and often when looking for a needle in a haystack, a comprehensive review and rating system is needed – so here are the top 20 football prediction platforms.

Top 20 soccer prediction sites in the world (in no particular order):